"Coach" at Purdue Coach John Wooden Coach on the sidelines at UCLA game
Wooden Way Leadership

A Business Management Seminar Based on the Leadership Principles of the "Coach of the Century"


Seminar Description

Who Should Attend

Seminar Description

What We Can Share

In collaboration with Coach Wooden, we have created a 4-8 hour innovative program, that can be delivered at your worksite, which highlights Coach Wooden’s team-building principles, as well as their transferable applications, by blending the first-hand experiences of one of his "students," along with a pragmatic HR perspective supported by contemporary research.  This format, using our SCORE paradigm, allows participants to learn and consider alternatives or enhancements for:

    • Staffing: Attracting and Selecting Talent
    • Cultivating Culture: Defining how People should Interact
    • Organizing and Planning: The Need for Direction and Focus
    • Reinforcing desirable behavior: Managing Performance
    • Engaging the organization: A Leader's Acceptance of Role and Responsibility


This program and/or points of emphasis may be tailored to your organizational needs.